How To Increase Instagram Likes?

How To Increase Instagram Likes? - Ytviews

Do you also want to know about How To Increase Instagram Likes? So you do not need to go to any other blog post here. You will be told every piece of information related to increasing Instagram likes. After which, you can quickly boost your account; however, to know it properly, you must read our blog post completely. After which you can easily understand the correct methods.

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Some special ways to increase Instagram likes are mentioned below:

#1 Where Are You Now? 

Tagging has become one of the best tools on social media to increase Instagram likes. When you are out and about in a city or attending a big event, tag your posts so that people who like these places will engage with you. Location tags and Instagram hashtags make your post more accessible to the locals in that area, creating more likability with your posts. 

People are often looking for photos and posts that are close to them, and they want to engage, so make it easier for them by tagging your favorite locations in your hometown and while traveling! 

#2 Get More Real 

Ever see how many likes one of those posts gets that is personal and about something genuine going on in that person or company’s current day? People love to see raw, intimate moments that could quickly happen to anybody – it makes your equals on the same level and shows you are the real deal. Make your Instagram content more relatable to increase Instagram likes & followers. 

Think about when an actor, actress, or athlete opens up about an illness and gives you a backstage pass into the intimate details of how it affects their lives (grabs a Kleenex box). It affects you more personally, initiates feelings you want to express, and keeps you interested in what this person will do next. 

This can be the same for a business – imagine a massive shipment of iPhones was supposed to go out one day but the delivery truck has a flat tire, this is the perfect opportunity to turn a real drag into a ton of new likes! People respect honesty and love seeing you as human as the next person. It makes a pretty cool picture, too!  

Candid photos of people working or enjoying a moment together make people happy. You want to stand out as much as possible, and being unique with your employees is the perfect way to gain some respectable likes if you can connect the photo to a meme, even better! 

#3 Just Hit Like To Win! 

Nothing is better than getting many likes through a free giveaway or photo contest! People seriously love this stuff, and Instagram has made it incredibly easy to pull off – all you have to do is ask people to tap ‘like’ for a chance to win something cool. This can be a free product you are willing to give away, dinner at a favorite restaurant, or even a weekend trip. That’s all you need for an Instagram contest. 

Make sure you snap a really cool picture of your free stuff and give it a simple title with ‘Just hit like for your chance to win’ or something fun like ‘This could be yours for free… just hit like to enter!’. 

The same concept can be used with tagging as your primary objective, which will get you more views and probably more likes. Just ask people to tag 2 or 3 friends to win. If you offer an excellent product as your giveaway, you can bet your post will spread like wildfire! Just make sure you can handle all the new traffic and be sure to follow through on the post, which creates another opportunity for even more likes! 

Make part of the contest an agreement that the winner has to take five (pick any number) pictures with the free product they won and tag you or your company in the post each time. Now you are getting increase Instagram likes publicity from a post you originally generated!   

#4 Hellooooo Influencers! 

Take advantage of an opportunity to partner with an Instagram influencer that meshes well with your interests. Search them up in your industry and reach out to them to partner. Most influencers will only pass on your offer if they spread their name, and any new likes for them are like winning the lottery. 

Send them one of your products and ask them to take some photos of your product and post it on both of your accounts. Now you are gaining more interest from people with the same vision as you, boosting your likability! You’d be surprised how many people purchase products because an influencer was wearing or using them – seriously, it’s a HUGE opportunity to grow your audience.

Note: Don’t be discouraged if the first influencer you contact declines your offer, you just need to be more convincing and make it worth their time. Depending on how many followers you currently have could influence whether or not they are willing to jump on your wagon. Just keep trying, there’s plenty of them out there who would be more than ready to be a part of your brand.

Another way to reach more people on Instagram is by partnering with some brands. It’s similar to partnering with an influencer but a little more detailed. You want to ensure that whatever brand you partner with compliments your business and doesn’t compete for it! 

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