How To Increase Instagram Followers Organically In 2024 [Guide]

How To Increase Instagram Followers Organically In 2024 [Guide]- YtViews

Many brands worry about how to increase their Instagram followers, and for good reason: having more Instagram followers may have a big impact on your company. Your possibilities of advertising your goods and generating revenue increase as your following grows.

However, adding accounts might be challenging. Avoid the temptation to purchase preloaded accounts with thousands of followers. It would help if you had actual Instagram followers who are interested in your sales to see your real results.

The key to growing your account is to concentrate on organic growth. You can use these three tactics to increase your Instagram following.

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Tips For Organically Increasing Instagram Followers In 2024

Utilize Tools For Organic Instagram Growth

What is “organic”, and why is it so vital for growth? The key to organic growth is authenticity, which involves working hard to gain followers.

It involves tactics like employing a hashtag strategy, publishing top-notch content, and utilizing non-intrusive growth strategies like on-demand growth (which we’ll cover in a moment). These are important strategies for organic account growth.

On the other side, the following less well-known techniques are ones you should avoid using:

Get Supporters

Buy a marriage (likes or comments)

Because the majority of your followers will be bots, at best, these approaches won’t increase your sales. The worst part is that using these techniques could mark your account as spam and cause Instagram to block your profile, making it impossible for anyone to see your posts.

Using growth tools can be quite helpful when learning how to increase your Instagram following, but only if you utilize the appropriate ones. Tools for growth are not all created equal.

A platform should act differently if it guarantees you a specific amount of followers at a particular moment. Instead, seek growth services that have a focus on long-term, continuous growth. Such expansion results in a loyal following that will stick with you.

Employing Micro-Influencers

Working with FollowerBar influencers is a terrific way to increase your Instagram following. Brands collaborate with influencers (individuals with large social media followings, preferably in a certain niche) to advertise their products in this quickly expanding business.

Marketers are discovering that influencer marketing has an ROI that is on par with or higher than that of other channels. Influencer marketing is a fantastic strategy to increase your Instagram following regardless of the type of business you own.

Companies frequently have more success when they work with micro-influencers than macro-influencers. Micro-influencers have fewer than ten thousand Instagram followers, while macro-influencers can have up to one million.

Your firm can gain a lot from micro-influencers. They typically receive seven times as much engagement as larger accounts.

They are less expensive if you intend to pay your micro-influencers. You can be sure that you’re selling your product to a group of people who are genuinely interested in it since, in the majority of circumstances, a micro-following influencer is made up of people who are genuinely engaged in what those influencers are doing.

There are numerous types of influencer campaigns you can undertake. Let’s examine a few of the most prevalent issues.

Instagram Dominates

Takeovers of Instagram stories are a great method to increase your Instagram following. This is how it goes: Find influencers and set up a takeover of your account with them. They’ll ask everyone to follow your profile and let their followers know about the takeover.

Once the influencer has posted on your Instagram story for the day, they will either respond to a question or provide a day in the life of the influencer. In an ideal world, the influencer’s followers would find and bookmark your content on their profiles.

Multi-Influencer Marketing

Growing your following and spreading the word about your company can be accomplished by collaborating with a number of influencers at once. Identify a few micro-influencers, get in touch with them, and publish the content of each post on the day of the product launch if you’re preparing to introduce a new product.

Your Instagram account and website may see a significant increase in traffic if you publish a lot of posts.


Giveaways fall under the category of influencer marketing, and for good reason—you’ll undoubtedly gain more followers with them! When an influencer offers one of your items as a gift, they can plan the giveaway so that everybody who participates must prioritize the influencer and your brand over other entries. Recently, a lifestyle blogger sent a message from a Letter to her followers requesting that they research the company before using it.

Utilize Analytics To Make Decisions Based On Data

For every brand seeking to expand its Instagram following, tracking analytics is essential. If you don’t have access to analytics and use them to guide future choices, you’re just wasting your time.

Your Instagram stats and analytics are two distinct things. Metrics are discrete data, whereas “analysis” refers to the overall picture or the patterns revealed by those statistics. You may improve your Instagram performance by using analytics data.

Current Data Types

What analytics and metrics are you seeking? Where are they located? You can check analytics from your Instagram business profile under the Analytics tab on Instagram. These metrics include simple data like the number of subscribers your account attracted during a specific period of time or the time of day it was active.

However, it’s advisable to use a third-party tool for your study in order to make it truly valuable. Most analytics programs will monitor at least one of the kips listed below, if not more.

  • Engagement (this is crucial since it reveals how many of your followers are actually interested and engaged) (this is important because it shows how many of your followers are genuinely interested and involved)
  • Reach (how many people are viewing your post) (how many people are viewing your post)
  • Follower expansion (ideal for long-term steady growth)
  • Hashtags (how many people found your account from your chosen hashtags) (how many people saw your account from your preferred hashtags)
  • Web usage (how many people click on the link in your bio)


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